The Google Ads Jumpstart

Jumpstart your Google Ads with short lessons, bonus courses, and an email newsletter.

What Is The Google Ads Jumpstart?

The Google Ads Jumpstart helps busy business owners, marketers, and people frustrated with Google Ads to setup and run their own ads on the Google search engine.

It contains short, actionable video lessons to help you get relevant ads in front of people searching for you or your client's products or services.

A 90 minute workshop replay explains the power of Google Ads for business owners, and additional courses help you optimise your Google Ads campaigns once they're running.

The courses are updated when Google makes major changes, and regular emails are sent with insights from the coal-face.

Who's The Google Ads Jumpstart For?

The Google Ads Jumpstart is for people who want to get their own ads up and running fast (and then profitable), and who aren't interested in getting certifications or learning for the sake of learning.

It's for people who may be intimidated or overwhelmed by Google Ads and who want to understand just enough to get going, beat their competition, and get visitors to their website TODAY (and ideally visitors with credit cards in hand looking to buy).

It's for people who appreciate simple strategies that are repeatable and scalable, and who want to learn on a whiff of spend rather than spend "until the Google algorithm learns".

What Are People Saying?

Who's Your Instructor?

Andy Black has been running Google Ads campaigns since 2009.  

Some of his experience has been pretty hardcore, like when he was the analyst and team lead of a team of 35 Google Ads specialists spending €120k/day, or when he was helping to build 120 million keywords and ads to acquire 15,000 email signups a day.  Andy's also consulted into Groupon for 12 months, built and managed the campaigns for the largest insurance broker in Ireland for three years, and ran campaigns for many small local service businesses.

Andy's other speciality is simplifying the complex and training other team members.  He's helped countless business owners setup and run their own campaigns, as well as explain Google Ads in ways that business owners "get" instantly.

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